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Gloria Polo before the accident through the lightning-strike

Her nephew, who didn't survive the accident

Fotos with the family (Her childrens)

And always Mrs. Polo repeats (1000 times
per 1000 times) her testimony

She supports her apostolate and
her vocacion with her daily prayer

Some Pictures from Fatima, where Mrs. POLOn bore her witness on February 2007 for the first time in an European country.

The people were enthusiastic and moved!

I advised friends, married womens, to be unfaithful to their husbands. I said to them:

"Don't let yourselves to be taken for ride. It is very simple. Pay him back in his own coin for his infidelity. Be not so stupid to forgive him as well. It is better for you to get divorced!"

I advised against forgiveness and encouraged divorce. And already in this way and manner committed the hideous sin of the repulsive adultery I myself. That was enough to commit a horrible adultery.

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